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As lovers of food, we often rely on word of mouth, blogs, and review sites to determine where to have a meal, and sometimes end up disappointed. Our solution? Deliver straight up, honest, no bull reviews, so that you, our dear readers, can make educated decisions based on our experiences and recommendations.


Meet Our Writers

Sean is passionate about food and one of foodolish’s main photographers. He’s traveled the world, tasted different cuisines, and has refined his palate over the years. When he’s not traveling, or eating out, he loves experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with his own delicious creations. sean is critical in his reviews, but truthful, because he says what others are afraid to say. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, playing tennis, and camping.
Andrei is our all-American writer. He grew up in California and loves all things American, especially burgers. He is always on the look out for the best burger, and swears that a hand-formed patty cooked to medium-rare is perfection.  Everything else either detracts or makes the burger soar. In his spare time, Andrei loves to watch Netflix and play soccer.
Jonelle is our resident sweets lover and her motto is ‘dessert first’! Whether it’s cookies, pies, or cakes, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes sharing with friends and family. In her spare time, she’s out scouting for new treats, reading about food, or hanging out with her dog, Charlie.
Susan loves brunch, and has fond memories of going to brunch after church with her parents every Sunday. These days, she loves exploring new brunch spots with her girlfriends. In her free time, she likes to paint and go shopping.
Henry is our vegetarian, sometimes vegan writer. He grew up on a farm and decided to trade in meat for fruits, vegetables, and other raw foods. When he’s not at work or blogging, he loves biking, slacklining, and hiking. He’s about as granola as it gets.


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