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Wood Shop BBQ is bringing hickory-smoked meat to a city filled with sub-par BBQ. Wood Shop started out as a food truck/caterer, and amassed a following that warranted their new brick & mortar space in the Central District. It’s here that Matt Davis cranks out some serious meat in a custom-built 20ft long smoker. Blending Kansas City & Texas style BBQ, Davis is the real deal, and it shows in his products. His passion for BBQ drove him to a decade long experimentation and resulted in the creation of the recipes he peddles today. He strongly believes BBQ shouldn’t be a secret, and that anyone with the same passion and drive can recreate the experience of solid, consistent BBQ.

Playing on his nostalgia of growing up in small town Kansas, all of Davis’s BBQ was originally based on Kansas City style rubs, but he decided to deviate from a style to what was just delicious. All ribs are served dry, and the Kansas City inspired sauces are all served on the side. For the uninitiated, Kansas City-style BBQ is all about the vinegar based sauce, and this one fits the bill.

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Since we’re huge fans of meat here at Foodolish, we thought it was only right to try as much as possible. Meat is sold by the pound, and the daily menu is scribbled on butcher paper. There are limited quantities each day, and when they run out, they’re out. We highly advise you to visit early for the best selection. The pork spare ribs are rubbed with their KC-style “sawdust” rub, and smoked over oak and hickory for 6 hours, giving it a nice richness and crispy bark. The meat is smoky, tender, and just slides right off the bone. It was so good, we could’ve eaten another rack. The brisket is smoked Texas-style, over the same oak and hickory for 16-22 hours, the pulled pork for 12 hours, and chicken and sausage for 2 hours. Hell, even the damn jalapeños used in the mac & cheese is smoked for an hour. Here at Foodolish, we’re now believers in the slow smoke. It just adds incredible flavor to everything.

Wood Shop sources their sausages from local favorite Uli’s, but otherwise makes everything in-house, including their pickled red onions and pickles, which help cut through the richness of all that meat. The brisket sandwich came piled on a toasted, brioche bun, with buttermilk slaw, pickled red onions, and a side of their delicious pickles. While we found the lean brisket to be slightly on the dry side when eaten alone, it worked better in sandwich form, thanks to the slaw and a liberal application of sauce. The brisket also could’ve benefitted from some salt, but it had good flavor and a nice smoke ring around the edges.

If you’re starving, or looking to put yourself in a food coma, get here, and order yourself a mac & cheese bowl as soon as you physically can. As connoisseurs of mac & cheese, we can’t stop thinking or raving about the mac they’re serving. The Woody, a bowl piled with smoked jalapeño mac & cheese, pulled pork, pickled red onions, and BBQ sauce was THE best comfort food we’ve had in a long time. That ultra-cheesy and creamy mac & cheese base really pulled everything together. Don’t let the jalapeño deter you, as it’s not spicy, but lends a nice subtle flavor to the dish.

Wood Shop BBQ is bringing all the meats to Seattle. You can find them throughout the Seattle area in their truck (Woody), or at their brand spankin’ new storefront. They’ll be running BBQ classes starting late spring/early summer for those of you interested in learning the craft. For those of you more interested in eating, they’ll also be slinging meat and sandwiches in the downtown Bellevue QFC starting mid-March. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Wood Shop BBQ |2513 South Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144 | Open 7 days a week

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