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Quinn’s Pub – Greasy & Raw.
Quinn’s is a popular bar in the Capital Hill area. Parking is a bitch and even if you do manage to find a parking spot, you’re bound to find your car sitting on concrete blocks when you get back. In short, either get a ride from a friend that you don’t really like or grab a taxi. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more about the service and the staff or the ambiance since our tasting didn’t actually happen in the restaurant. Even though the place had empty spaces the GM decided to hold the tasting in an old smelly backroom with the bathroom fans blowing in to it.


Regardless, let me tell you about the food.

We started with the Sloppy Joe made from boar’s meat. The shredded meat was well cooked and seasoned and was wrapped in greasy day-old bread. In addition this great tasting meat was topped with an uncooked egg but in order to avoid Salmonella, I decided to skip it. Still if you don’t eat the bun, or the egg, the meat is still pretty amazing. My fear for Salmonella continued with the meatless Scotch Egg as my next dish. The breaded egg, sat on top of mushy tasteless green stuff that tasted like something out of Chernobyl. Next was the raw soft shell crap, sorry I mean crab. I am telling you this was still moving. Despite that it was tasteless and unseasoned the insides were still raw and watery. Definitely stay away from this one.

And then there was the fish. Oh, the fish. The overcooked Poached Halibut was served on top of greens, roasted cauliflower, and squid ink.  This beautiful fish was covered with curry and smelled like armpit (no joke). To add to this, the fish was sitting on top of squid ink that tasted  like iodine (again, no joke). I felt like the fish was trying to defend itself against me and it shot squid ink onto the plate.

Photos by Sean.

Summary: I wouldn’t go back to this place. Given it is overpriced and the food is under par. You’re better off grabbing a hot dog from across the street.
Recommendation: Quinn’s might be a good place to have a beer but I wouldn’t go there for their food. Definitely not.

Open daily 3:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Quinn’s Pub   |  1001 E Pike St., Seattle   |   (206) 325 – 7711

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