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Warning: the following may offend vegetarians!! Yes, yes…We’re going to be reviewing a steakhouse and a good one for that matter. Now I’m not saying John Howie Steak isn’t going to have vegetarian friendly dishes but come on, you’re going to be reading about a place that has the word steak embedded in its name!!   DSC_0231


John Howie Steak is located in the shopping area of the Braven Towers in downtown Bellevue. The restaurant itself may be a little hard to find among the high-end boutiques like Gucci or Louis Vuitton but it is not overlooked by any means.

Before we get started on the food, lets talk about the drinks. We tried two fantastic drinks; they were both served in large glasses with scotch ice cubes and mixed in front of us which I thought added a bit of theatrics to the whole experience. Our first drink was the Cuba Libre, a classic rum and coke made a little different with spicy rum, Mexican coke and finished with cinnamon sticks and slices of lime. We also had the Woodford Reserve Sour 18 comprised of bourbon, simple syrup, cherries, orange wheel and was topped off with Fever Tree club soda. They were both delicious.

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Our meal began with an amuse-bouche of creamy Lobster bisque and caviar which was perfectly balanced and seasoned. There’s not much I can say about this except for I definitely recommend it. It set the bar for the rest of the meal. Next was the Beef Tar-Tar topped with quail egg. Although I was somewhat hesitant about the combination of the raw items I was pleasantly surprised. The egg acts as a binder that holds the Tar-Tar (fresh American Wagyu beef ), the capers, and other ingredients together. The dish was accompanied by Guinness and Stone in-house mustard with toasted bread. Our next appetizer was the Scallops with Crispy Bacon swimming in a creamy leak sauce.

The perfectly cooked scallops were seared on top with a slight off white center that gave it a nice bite without being chewy ( it shows the skills of the chef); combined with the morel mushrooms and the smokiness of the bacon, it created a flavor masterpiece. One question that we always get asked is: “Which steak should I order from a particular restaurant”? In order for us to answer this question, we had to try four different types of steak (the sacrifices we make for our readers).

The 42 day aged, 16 oz, 50/50 wet and dry, USDA Prime beef had more of a bite compared to the others and was cooked medium rare and packed with flavors. This steak is custom dry-aged by the restaurantt. From there we ordered a trio of their 6 oz USDA Prime (regular), American Wagyu,and Australian Wagyu filet mignonBeing a steak lover, it was incredible to taste the difference in the 4 steaks. Each cut had distinct similarities and differences from the previous, and therefore, it would be up to an individual’s personal preference that determines what the best steak would be. All in all, the flavor profiles and textures were delicious and unique. Having said that, our favorites were the USDA Prime and the Australian Wagyu; both had great taste that were unique to each other while the Australian had a softer bite compared to the USDA. As for the side dishes we tried the Maine Lobster Mashed Potatoes that were super creamy, rich with fresh Maine lobster and blended smoothly in flavor.

In addition, we also tried the Creamed Spinach with Kurobuta bacon and a sunny side up egg. This had a rich spinach flavor, smoked bacon accent and the egg added a creamy texture that held it all together. We felt that the two were perfect compliments to the steaks. Despite the fact that we were completely stuffed, we ended up trying the Bread Pudding with Makers Mark Bourbon infused ice cream. Fresh out of the oven and topped with the bourbon ice cream, it was fantastic. The infused bourbon ice cream would be delicious alone but added to the bread pudding it melted in your mouth. The flavor was so spot on that it left a reminiscing bourbon taste on your tongue. Seriously, this is the best way to end a great meal. In summary, if you are serious about steak and are looking for a hidden treasure with a family-friendly atmosphere, John Howie Steak Restaurant is definitely a place to get your cravings on.


John Howie Steak Restaurant | 11111 NE 8th St #125 Bellevue, Wa 98004 | Open 7 days a week


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