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Wanderfish Pokè is all about fresh, sustainable fish and a customizable menu. You choose from seven chef-created options, or build your own with a wide variety of ingredients to fit any diet. The storefront is simple and clean, with a smattering of tables to enjoy your pokè creation.


Overall, we thought the bowl sizes, particularly the small, was tiny. A small bowl will run you $9.49, while the large bowl is $12.49. Given the portions and price point, it would behoove you to just go with the larger size. We tried a variety of sauces and for our palates, the flavor profiles were very mild. The protein and sauces are merely mixed together on the spot, as opposed to marinated, which makes a huge difference when it comes to taste and flavor. This is and always will be the downside of customizable pokè. In our opinion, without marination to impart flavor, there’s just no real depth here. If you’ve ever tried real Hawaiian pokè, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Photos by: foodolish.com

On to everything we tasted!

Seattle Bowl
Sustainable ahi tuna, traditional pokè sauce, sesame oil, krab salad, seaweed salad, edamame, green onion, sesame seeds, on bamboo rice.

Ahi quality was quite good and fresh, with large cuts of fish. The traditional pokè sauce was very light and didn’t have much discernible flavor. We kept asking ourselves, “what are we eating?” The flavor profile could really be amped up for this bowl.

Blaze Bowl
Wild Sockeye Salmon, spicy aioli, jalapeno, green onions, fresno chili, masago, crisp garlic, sesame seeds, on brown rice.

Not as spicy as you would think, given the spicy aioli, jalapeno, and fresno chili combination. While this is one of Wanderfish’s most popular bowls, we thought it could’ve packed a bigger spice punch. The crisp garlic really amps up the flavor here and gives a nice crunch.

Truffle Bowl
Bay scallops, truffle aioli, dill, masago, crisp garlic, green onion, enoki mushroom, shimeji mushroom, on brown rice.

Wowza on the size of the bay scallops here. These were huge, compared to others we’ve seen. The mushrooms were a nice addition, but we found the truffle aioli too mild for our liking. For all you purists out there, don’t mistake truffle oil with real truffles. There’s just no comparison.

Build Your Own
Sustainable ahi tuna, ponzu citrus soy, masago, enoki mushroom, shimeji mushroom, green onion, cucumbers, avocado, radish sprout, crisp garlic, furikake, krab salad, nori, and salmon roe, on kelp noodle and seaweed.

Given the mild flavors on the chef-created bowls we tried, we really wanted to go all out on a customized one. We selected the ponzu citrus soy, and asked for extra, hoping it would give us the flavor we so desperately wanted. Unfortunately, it still fell short, and made the bowl too citrusy. For an extra $1, adding the salmon roe gave the bowl some much needed saltiness. We ended up taking matters into our own hands and added some extra soy sauce, which amplified the flavor immensely and created a more balanced flavor.

Overall, Wanderfish uses quality ingredients you can taste, but could use some help in the bowl size and sauce department, compared to some of their competitors.

Wanderfish Pokè | 1620 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 | Open 7 days a week

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