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Pearl Bar & Restaurant


Our visit to Pearl Bar and Restaurant was one with more highs than lows. The Bar/Restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Bellevue and although somewhat hidden and hard to find, it’s worth trying out. Pearl is a modern American restaurant with tasty drinks that would hit the spot on a Friday after work.

Foodolish - Shiso Wild Drop
Shiso Wild Drop

We started our tasting with Pearl’s Shiso Wild Drop. This green drink was light, refreshing and fruity. The Acai berry vodka and the Shiso leafs were a perfect compliment to the lemon sour taste. Great Start.. Our appetizer included Egg-less Caesar salad with house-made croutons and vinaigrette as well as a Roasted Beet salad. The Caesar salad was an ‘interesting’ one in the sense that it had long pieces of lettuce leafs which made it very hard to eat. In addition the Caesar vinaigrette was too tart and lemony and we felt that it would’ve been more balanced if it had some eggs. On a positive note, the house-made croutons added great crunch and  flavor to the salad. The Roasted Beat Salad had a bright vibrant color and looked very appetizing. The dill, toasted pistachio (yum) added a nice contrast to the light and cool citrus flavor. Having said that, the canned oranges were the down note on this otherwise perfect salad. Regardless, if you’re looking for a light start to your meal, give this one a try.


Photo’s by: Jonelle T.

As our tasting continued we noticed that most of the dishes had a very sweet flavor profile starting with the Roasted Pork Belly; the belly itself had a nice crispy crust (we think it was due to the brown sugar), a tender meat that was covered with a honey bourbon glaze.  The dish was complemented with pickled  cauliflower and carrots. We thought, what would make the dish memorable, would have been a nice smokiness; still, a great dish for $11.

Last we tried the Sablefish;  the $29 dish was somewhat confusing as it consisted of a moist, tender piece of fish that sat in the middle of an orange-colored curry sauce and was surrounded by two crab dumplings in wanton skins (very little crab and mostly wanton). The fish was marinated in honey-miso and had great flavors but unfortunately the delicate taste was immediately lost as it mixed with the spicy curry. Perhaps the sauce would’ve been better served with something less delicate (chicken perhaps?).

The other noteworthy dish was the Merlot Braised boneless Short Ribs (yet again somewhat sweet due to the Merlot) with the house-made gnocchi’s. The short ribs were tender and very flavorful. We really enjoyed this dish.

All together, Pearl’s modern decor and ambiance  paired with its food and drink creates a satisfying experience for hungry customers.

Pearl Bar and Restuarant  |  700 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 50 Bellevue,  |   Open 7 days a week

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