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We’re constantly complaining that the Eastside is full of cookie cutter restaurants and all-around unimpressive fare. However, there are a few gems on the Eastside. Honestly, I think Kirkland has better dining options than Bellevue… and a better view! Lucia has amassed quite the following and is busy every night of the week. We came to eat on a Thursday night and the restaurant was almost at capacity by the time we left at 7:00pm. The people dining ranged from families with kids to young professionals. Everyone in the restaurant was dressed well. You won’t see any flip flops, baseball caps, and ripped jeans here. It’s a hot spot and the place to be seen in Kirkland.

Their signature dish, Truffle Spaghetti and Meatballs was unimpressive. While the meatballs were actually quite tasty — they were moist and soft, had great flavor, and weren’t too heavy. My only problem was that there were only two! Then I was left with a whole mess of pasta-from-the-box, prompting me to nickname it a “Bertolli” dish. So the good and bad of this dish averaged to just so-so. Next, we had Potato Gnocchi with Braised Short Rib. The potato gnocchi was soft, creamy, and light, but we were suspicious they were also pre-bought and not freshly made. (We are becoming quite the pasta snobs, aren’t we?) The short ribs were not quite braised enough and the chopped celery in the dish was not a pleasant texture in our mouths. We would be chewing on some soft gnocchi and then all of a sudden there’s a crunchy intrusion in our mouths. WHAT.

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The Seared Sea Bass Piccata with a lemon caper white wine sauce, pepperonata, and roasted potatoes was another OK dish. The fish was cooked well, but it was battered and deep fried. It was nearly impossible to identify what kind of fish it was. Deep fried fish only has a place in fish tacos. Not on a composed plate of food. The potatoes were bland and the sauce was too thick and oily. The Pancetta Carbonara was ULTRA rich. Topped with a fried egg, sauteed pancetta, peas, carbonara sauce, this dish is heart-attack-worthy. It tasted delicious, but it made me want to stand up and do jumping jacks to work off the 2000+ calories in the dish. A couple bites and you’re done.

If we had just ended the meal there, we might have given Lucia a 3.5 star rating. However, we decided to order dessert. As stated in earlier posts, we are both quite the tiramisu connoisseur, so when we see it on a menu, we must order it. We ordered the Tiramisu and the Chocolate “Souffle”. Their menu doesn’t have souffle in quotation marks, but when we received it, we knew it definitely wasn’t a souffle. It was merely a molten lava cake that was probably zapped in the microwave and definitely not housemade. It was burnt around the edges and totally caved in in the middle. The tiramisu cake was dry and crumbly. This is usually a sign that the cake is old and has been sitting out. The cream was tasty, but didn’t have enough coffee flavor. A solid fail all around.

Summary: The meal isn’t too bad, and they seem to have great specials throughout the week. 2 for 1 Pasta Mondays, 50% off Wine Tuesdays, and $5 House Martinis Wednesday.
Recommendation: Go for their entrees rather than their spaghettis, as you’ll get bored will the mountain of store bought noodles and skip dessert.

Lucia              |           222 Parkplace, Kirkland         |         (425) 889 – 0200

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