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The Bellevue location of Wild Ginger is located in The Bravern. We’ve been living here since it opened, but haven’t managed to venture over. Once entering, it’s quite sophisticated with modern decor, high ceilings, and tall windows illuminating the dining room. From the helpful hostesses who were oh-so-accomodating to my request to change tables three times for lighting purposes to our awesome server, Laura, the service is superb.

One of their signature dishes is the Wild Ginger Fragrant Duck, served with steamed buns, Sichuan peppercorn and sweet plum sauce. Some pieces were dry, some were semi-moist. The pieces with crispy skin were nice, but the steamed buns seemed like they were microwaved. Their other signature dish is the Seven Flavor Beef with flank steak, lemongrass, peanuts, chilies, hoisin, basil, garlic, and ginger. Though it sounded good, it was not. The beef was tough. If it had been tender, it would have been very tasty minus the excess of onion.

Nam’s Lamb Chops marinated in cognac and finished with hoisin, fresh toasted coconut and crushed peanuts. There was an overbearing lamb taste, but overall, it was cooked well and flavored nicely. Thai Spicy Clams was an odd combination with tomatoes, red peppers, and basil. When I think about Thai flavors, I don’t think about those ingredients. I think about Thai basil and a layered Thai broth, not something that resembled marinara sauce. Black Pepper Scallops are seared and coated with soy sauce and black pepper. They looked and tasted as if they were deep fried and they were severely overcooked to the point of being rubbery.

Photos by Sean. 

Hanoi Tuna with a sauce of shallot, garlic, tumeric, seared rare was an interesting plate. The tuna was fresh and was underseasoned and overpowered by the sauce (we nicknamed it “armpit paste”). The Seabass with peanuts and fresh herbs pan-fried and topped with Southeast Asian herbs and crushed peanuts was a pretty nice dish. The fish was slightly overcooked, but still tasted nice. The topping was very bold and flavorful, but a touch too salty.

Summary: Overpriced, but the classiest Asian restaurant in Bellevue.
Recommendation: It’s far from authentic, but most of the food is edible.

Wild Ginger          |         11020 NE 6th St, Ste 90, Bellevue        |       (425) 495 – 8889

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