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Maria Hines’ Agrodolce


Agrodolce – Southern Italian cuisine with hits and mostly misses.


The restaurant is one of three of James Beard award-winning chef Maria Hines. Having also beat Iron Chef Morimoto on Iron Chef, we were expecting an amazing meal. However, while there were a couple of highs, there were more lows than we had hoped. The atmosphere of the restaurant was pleasant, with beautiful bright paintings, a cute patio outside, and attentive service.

The Black Mission Figs with arugula and burrata was not a combination of flavors. The Arancini with english pea and tarragon did have a nice melty mozzarella center, but it was heavy and had too much breading.

Photos by Andrei. 

We decided to order two pastas. Besides being an awesome photographer, Andrei makes a kicka$$ pasta, so we always want to see how restaurants size up. The Bucatini with sardines, pine nuts, and golden raisins sounded good on the menu, but the execution was poor. The pasta itself was cooked ok, but the sauce was watery and the flavors were just off. On the other hand, the Cavatelli with morel, English peas, and gremolota was a delicious and well-balanced dish. The pasta was cooked perfectly, the morels were fresh, and the hint of citrus was perfect.

The Dakota Beef Hangar Steak was dry and a small portion for $26.

Rice Pudding Fritters were heavy. The flavors were nice and the dipping caramel sauce was tasty, but it was just too heavy for the end of the meal. One of the best dishes we had was the Limoncello Sorbetto. It was tangy, zesty, and had a crunchy candied fennel on top that was just lovely. We could have eaten a whole pint of this.

Summary: It’s expensive, but if you spin the wheel and magically pick the right dish, you might have a winner, but no guarantees.
Recommendation: Get the Cavatelli and the Limoncello Sorbetto.

Agrodolce      |      709 N 35th St., Seattle      |    (206) 547 – 9707

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