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Matt’s in the Market – A market staple that doesn’t quite deliver.

Matt’s in the Market, founded in 1996, would seemingly draw in many tourists, but rather, is said to draw a loyal crowd of locals.  Located in the heart of Pike Place Market with breathtaking views of Elliot Bay, the chefs at Matt’s aim to utilize market ingredients as well as sustainable and seasonal local produce.

Matt's in the Market

Executive Chef Shane Ryan creates a menu based on the best seasonal ingredients offered at the Market. Beef Carpaccio served with black garlic cream, housemade potato chips, and drizzled with parsley oil. The black garlic cream overpowered the dish, tasting foul and having a grainy, rather than creamy texture. The Smoked Roosevelt Elk Tongue with a soft poached quail egg, caper berries, and grilled spring onions. This was good. The elk tongue was thinly sliced, tender, and had good flavor. We didn’t care for the caper berries; they were too strong and too large.

Photos by Andrei.

Have you ever eaten something and wondered “Why the hell am I putting this in my mouth?” This was our immediate thought when we  took our first bite of the Geoduck with Vietnamese inspiration served raw and topped with fried onions, radishes, and microgreens.  — it smelled, it tasted foul, and it was repulsive. Was the geoduck spoiled? Why aren’t the chefs tasting their dishes? We need some mouthwash, pronto.

Seared Halibut with English peas, radishes, and microgreens was bland. The beautiful piece of wild halibut was overcooked and on the order of being rubbery. The microgreen reduction was flavorless and lacking anything interesting. Two bites and we were done. Draped with lardo (pork fat), the Sea Scallops were undercooked, but otherwise good. Topped with a fresh and crunchy celeriac, celery-caper berry relish nicely complimented the soft scallop.

Summary: Trying too hard and trying to do too much. Small portions. Pricey. Pretentious.
Recommendation: Given the price and inconsistency of the dishes, you’re better off eating across the street in the market

Matt’s is open for lunch from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm and for dinner from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Matt’s in the Market    |  94 Pike St, Third Floor, Seattle   |   (206) 467 – 7909

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