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Lot No. 3


Lot No. 3 – Greasy, disgusting bar food that will guarantee an upset stomach.


Yes, you saw that right. We rated this HALF a star. Let me tell you why. The drinks. People have raved about the cocktails and handcrafted beers, but we weren’t impressed. What the %&(* is up with people serving fancy cocktails in jars?! It must be a Seattle thing. The cocktails tasted like juice. Where is the alcohol?!

The Housemade Pretzel was actually the only thing we ate more than 2 bites of. It was crunchy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. The beer mustard was too sweet, and the Bourbon-Maple Peanut Butter didn’t have much of a bourbon flavor and wasn’t dippable — it was too thick.

Photos by Sean. 

The Goat Cheese Toast with fresh apple, candied pecans, and balsamic gastrique didn’t match anything else on the menu. The toast itself was stale and there was too much goat cheese.

A trio of Short Rib, Duck Confit, and PB&J&B Sliders were a total flop. The meat was juicy, but unseasoned and a massively stingy portion. It’s just two untoasted, doughy buns and that’s it. You should order this if and only if you’ve had 30 or so beers and you need something to soak up the alcohol.

Usually when Chicken & Waffles is offered on the menu, you expect a hearty portion. However, it was two tiny pieces of chicken and 1 measly waffle sliced into 4 pieces. The chicken is supposed to be nice and crunchy as opposed to soft and limp. Unfortunately, this was the latter. Both the waffle were oozing oil when we cut into it. The oil tasted like it was old, leftover oil. Disgusting.

Speaking of leftover oil, the Reuben with corned beef, gruyere, sauerkraut, and russian dressing was sitting in between two oil-soaked pieces of bread. Note to the chef, please season your food and lighten up on the oil. Remember that America is obese, let’s not Paula Deen it.

Lastly, and perhaps most disappointingly, was the “Housemade Cinnamon Roll“. It was very dry and too doughy — it definitely needed more frosting and moistness. It was hot and then turned hard and when we inquired, we found out that they MICROWAVED THE CINNAMON ROLL! @#@#$%! Enough said.

Summary: Go to Lot No 3 only if you’ve consumed many alcoholic drinks and use their food to sober up, but expect a stomach ache from the amount of oil used in everything.
Recommendation: STAY AWAY.

Lot No. 3      |      460 106th Ave NE, Bellevue    |    (425) 440 – 0025

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