Ristorante Picolino’s


Ristorante Picolino’s – A big Italian miss.

Located in Ballard, we were hoping for a nice meal as we stepped into this cute neighborhood Italian restaurant. When we entered, the host was away seating people. When he came to greet us, he was not in a good mood and was far from friendly. Not a great way to start our experience here. Service seemed to be an issue throughout our night — our server was nice, but at the end after we finished, she was no where to be seen for almost 20 minutes. Not a great way to end the night either. I won’t be coming back.


Housemade Ravioli di Maiale consisted of butter, cream, and dough. Lots and lots of dough. DOUGH. The tiny little bit of pork belly filling that you will find in the middle tasted like sawdust. SAW-DUST. Did I mention it was doughy? Pass.

Saffron Risotto with shrimp looked it was sitting on the pass for a while. How could I tell? There was a thin film that had formed on the top of the dish that we had to broke as we put our spoons in. The risotto was so bad that I felt like grabbing the dry, rubbery shrimp and throwing it at the chef.

I’m not sure why, but Seattleites seem to love any pizza that comes out of a wood-fired oven. Unfortunately, being cooked in a wood-fired oven doesn’t mean that it will be good. This was the case with the pizza here. While there’s a whole page of the menu that is dedicated to their pizzas, the one we tried was terrible. The Prosciutto Crudo pizza with prosciutto, tomato, and mozzarella cheese was dry like a piece of cardboard and had little to no flavor.

The special of the evening was a Ribeye Steak with Gorgonzola cheese and roasted vegetables. It was also a disappointment.  The steak was dry and overdone, there were chunks of fat that hadn’t been trimmed off. The vegetables tasted like they were steamed in a ziploc and very under seasoned.

Lastly, and actually the only thing that was good during our visit was the Gnocchi alla Romana. It was light and fluffy, with a well seasoned, delicious tomato sauce. This was definitely the highlight.

Summary: The only thing that was good was the gnocchi.
Recommendation: Eat at your own risk.

Ristorante Picolinos       |       6415 32nd Ave. N.W., Seattle     |     (206) 781 – 8000


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