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Osteria La Spiga


Osteria La Spiga – You can’t judge a restaurant by its appearance.

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and thought “man if the decor looks this nice, then the food must be !@#$ing fantastic”?. These were my thoughts, but unfortunately I was not nearly as impressed. La Spiga is a fancy looking restaurant with a nice woody interior.  There is a big beautiful bar and even an second floor for private events. The restaurant and the bar make you feel comfortable and sets the mood for the great food symphony.  Unfortunately my food symphony had more than a few off tone notes. Let me tell you why…


Let’s start with the the tagliatelle that was drenched in truffle oil. Let me just say this first. Truffle and truffle oil are not the same. In fact they taste very very different. My tagliatelle was confited in a pool of truffle oil. My risotto was another missed note. The mushy rice was swimming in a pool of chicken stock with chunks of tough sausage similar to beef jerky, sticking out. The good thing about the risotto is that you play hide and seek with the mushrooms in it. Yes, there was supposed to be mushrooms in it but I think they were very successful at hiding. After the risotto was my seafood stuffed calzone. Unfortunately the seafood  mixture was overpowered and drowned in mayo. In addition I also found a nice piece of shrimp shell in mine.  The last item was rabbit on polenta. Again I had two small bones mixed in to the tiny pieces of meat in mine. The polenta was also soggy since there were in a soup of chicken stock.

Photos by Sean. 

Summary: It is a very nice place to go to for a date or a private event, but don’t bet on the food to impress you too much.
Recommendation: Come for the atmosphere, not the food.

La Spiga   |  1429 12th Avenue, Seattle   |   (206) 323 – 8881


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